Prepaid CARD

Get prepaid card and enjoy benefits

What is Prepaid CARD

Prepaid card is a card anyone can use to pay for purchase. Buy a card that money loaded in it. After that you can use the card to buy up to that particulate amount.

Prepaid CARD

Use this card and enjoy the benefits

User or consumer can do prepaid debit cards to purchase items online or offline transaction.

It depends on uses of prepaid cards and your requirements

- Simple safe and secure
- Need not to carry bank account number
- Get rewards and offers

Get ready to purchase

  • BuyNswipe Prepaid CARD
  • Use online and offline purchase
  • Card without bank account number

Instant Recharge

Can load prepaid card instantly by using any payment method 

Easy to use

Very easy to use for purchase either online or offline transactions


Get best rewards and offers by merchants or online sellers

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