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BuyNswipe CSP retailers can use this service to transfer money on behalf of there registered customers valid bank account numbers even banks are not open or bank holidays.

Money Transfer

Domestic money transfer services can be used by BuyNswipe Retailers for registered customers in India.

  • DMT - Money transfer is a common need for people nowadays. No one wants to stand in long queue in the bank to transfer money. To ease this DMT was introduced. It is a facility provided by the banks through which an individual can transfer money into any bank account in his native nation. Domestic here refers to the transactions done within a country only. A person can digitally transfer a given amount of money through an online banking platform.
  • Online Money Transfer - As the world is progressing digitally, so the facility of money transferring is just under your fingertips. People living in villages or remote areas do not need to travel long distances in order to reach the bank and transfer money. One can simply download the desired platform to do so, then add your bank account number, amount of money to be transferred, account details of the person whom the money has to be sent and IFSC code. After filling all the necessary details, an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number for confirmation. As soon as the money is transferred, message through the bank will be received via text or electronic mail.
  • BuyNswipe Retailer - It is a safe and secure method for transferring money. In case of emergency, there is no need to rush to the banks. You can transfer money on Sundays, public holidays and at anytime of the day. It is an instant method to transfer money online. One can only transfer money in that accounts which are registered under RBI. No international money transferring option is there under this category. People are now free to send and receive money from any part of the country. The received money can be withdrawn through nearby ATM’s, Micro ATM’s, banks, post office etc. People are accepting this method and making their lives simpler.

Money Transfer Services

Very fast and secure DMT platform for retailers and there customers

Money Transfer Apps

Use all the domestic money transfer services with BuyNswipe Retailer App


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