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Micro ATM Machine of BuyNswipe can be used by Retailers or Merchants to withdrawal Cash, Balance Inquiry for there customers and grow business and attract prospective customers 


ATM Service without traditional ATM

In traditional ATM service banks install full ATM and need to maintain it, as per reports traditional ATM service needs lots of maintenance cost and support and some time cash feed issues. But Micro ATM service can be availed near by your place by BuyNswipe Micro ATM with low cost and low maintenance.

Very cost effective and secure service of BuyNswipe Micro ATM for Cash Withdrawal & Balance Inquiry. Contact BuyNswipe team for Micro ATM Price.

Fino Payment Bank Micro ATM can be install at your shop or place with low investment just apply to become BuyNswipe Retailer and offer mATM or Micro ATM Device service for your customers.

Use your aadhaar and biometric to withdrawal cash and balance inquiry with Aadhar Micro ATM service provided by BuyNswipe Retailer.

To use aadhaar micro atm service you can apply to become BuyNswipe Retailer or CSP and with approved biometric device & AEPS you can offer aadhaar micro atm service to your customers for cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, Money Transfer & Mini Statement. For aeps micro atm price or aadhaar micro atm price please contact BuyNswipe team

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Micro ATM Price

BuyNswipe Micro ATM Price is very low and cost effective with highest commission

Aadhaar micro atm price

AEPS micro atm price is consist of AEPS and approved biometric device

mATM Support

BuyNswipe support team is always ready and resolve the issues on priority

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