Aadhar Pay

Accept payments from customers by Aadhaar

What is Aadhar Pay?

Retailer and merchants can accept payments from there customers of sales with the help of aadhar pay and get instant settlement and lower charges on transactions.

Bhim Aadhar Pay

NPCI and AEPS Payment provider banks offering services with the help of it's partners where retailers and merchants can accepts payments against sales without any traditional POS or swipe machine.

  • Merchants - Traditional swipe machines having high cost and high charges on transactiona, due to this small vendors and merchant facing problem to use such kind of services but aadhar payment bank or bhim aadhar pay can help them to get payments against any sales with aadhaar number and biometrics.
  • Aadhar Payment App - It is simple to use aadhar payment app just download from google play store and register, after kyc and approval retailers or merchants can use this service. 
  • Low maintenance - Swipe machines need high maintenance and monthly rental but aadhar pay don't need any monthly rental to use it .


Accept payments against sales with lower charges on aadhar pay 


Offer better service to your customers and grow your business with aadhar pay


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